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Now that I have noticeably visible results from following the low carb high fat way of eating since February, and I’m pretty vocal about it on social media, a lot of people ask me questions. I love it! I don’t always have the answers but I love to chat about the way of eating that has changed my waistline!

One question I get a lot is ,”Are you allowed to have a drink?”

First of all, I’m allowed to do whatever I want. This lifestyle is my choice. Secondly, I have found that having an occasional drink that is in line with the basic principles of this way of eating has not derailed my progress at all. See my previous post entitled The Sweet Spot for more on my thoughts about being regimental about a way of eating if it’s not required for your survival.

My two favorite things to drink are:

  • Dry red wine- Pinot Noir is my favorite, and I like to have glass of wine on the back porch on Friday night with Mark, listening to music while the kids play. They usually come and sit with us once it starts to get dark, and it’s a nice way for our family to kick off the weekend!
  • Pool Drink- this is my little creation that I drink at the pool. Full disclosure, I usually make more than a single recipe of it to sip on over the few hours we are at the pool, and put it in my favorite Corkcicle tumbler, which keeps it super cold the whole time. More full disclosure. Sometimes I make an extra in case anyone (coughmecough) needs a refill. I bring the extra in my Corkcicle canteen.

Pool Drink

Add the following ingredients into your container of choice, over ice. Shake or stir, and enjoy.

  • 1 shot of gin or vodka (pick your poison.)
  • 1 Tbs fresh lemon juice
  • 1 Tbs fresh lime juice
  • LaCroix Sparkling Water in your choice of flavor to top off (I prefer lime)

You can tweak this recipe in a number of ways. I have used flavored vodkas (raspberry is my favorite- be careful to check the carbs in flavored vodkas though!) Sometimes I also add a splash of raspberry extract to give it a raspberry lime flavor. If you experiment, I’d love to know what combos you come up with!

Let’s segue quickly into a few progress pics. We had family photos last week, and I can’t tell you how much more fun it is to do that when you feel confident & good about what you look like!

Here are a couple of my favorites:

View More: More:

Photo credit to: Blue Vinyl Photography

* This blog will occasionally utilize affiliate links, for which I receive credit. It doesn’t cause anyone to pay more for the item in question, but it helps me be able to create content for this site. You are in no way obligated to use my links, and I will only link to the exact products I use myself, to help you achieve the same results I achieve with my recipes





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